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2020 Pottinger 691 A


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Located at : CALEDONIA, MN

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NEW AGED UNIT! PLEASE CALL NOW FOR AN UPDATED YEAR END PRICE! 12 arms per rotor, working width 13.78' to 22.64' These twin rotor rakes are highly popular due to their cost effectiveness with small tractors. These side rakes can be flexibly adapted to meet your individual requirements. Hydraulic working width adjustment The working width can be adjusted at any time according to the volume of forage. The size of the swath can be optimally adapted to match the size of the next machine. In addition, the hydraulic working width adjustment system gives you the choice between forming two single swaths or one double swath. When raking a double swath, the machine is angled so that the rear rotor takes over the forage from the front rotor. The optional front swath curtain is raised. If the rear rotor is swiveled to the right and the front swath curtain is folded down, each rotor produces its own swath. This makes it possible to form two smaller night swaths, or two normal-sized swaths in the case of very high forage volumes. Obstacles or wedge-shaped fields are no problem thanks to the hydraulic working width adjustment.
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Working Width: 13.78\' to 22.64\'
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